Supercharger Specialists

 TTS Performance are at the forefront of development for supercharging modern motorcycle engines, along with the use of ROTREX’s turbine superchargers, are forging ahead to develop selected high power conversions .

“The Art of Supercharging”

     Want to transform your bike into a more powerful visual work of art?

TTS are prolific innovators in design and manufacture of supercharger conversions, become the envy of your fellow riders. The traction oil technology inside every Rotrex supercharger ensures low noise with linear power curves unmatched by other forced induction.The CNC work done creating the casings using 5 axis lathes is nothing short of stunning.With no throttle lag,reduced peak cylinder pressures, and lower exhaust temperatures ensure power is produced in a smooth transition transforming your bike from a standing beauty to a rapid beast.

Supercharge your ride

High power conversions for a large range of models.

Based in New Zealand

Proud to be a local, New Zealand
based business.

Virtually any application

Motorcycles are our passion, also drift and sports car conversions are avaliable.