Engine Start

Triumph Build

So with the crankshaft not timed correctly i had to dismantle top of the engine again. Fortunately I could re-use the gaskets as engine had not been fired up. I made up a tool that allowed the crankshaft to align correctly without having to split it again. What I also liked about the Carrillo Rods they had a brass bush in the top end which the original Triumph rods lack. Hence they were replaced as had excess wear with the advanced ignition set up. There are divided opinions for the use of run in oil in a re-built engine. As there was new rings in the bore I went for this option for the first 600Km. Firing the engine for the first time was scary but after 10 minutes of idling the assembly fluids burnt off and she settled down. The first km on the road taken gently building the revs as the km were added. the next item to change was the indicators. These came from Aussie, see the link :https://purposebuiltmoto.com/product/hollow-tip-3-in-1-blinker-turn-brake-run/. Brake lights could also be wired to them so the rear ones activated when braking. Very soon back to the Dyno see whats coming out.