Going Home Early

Triumph Build

What do i do with a dead bike? I had access to a workshop in Invercargill so made a plan. Visited a few bike shops managed to scrounge some old steel frame parts. Out with the Mig Welder and made myself a frame to protect the bike getting home. Around to my mates at Mainfreight.  As I drove part time for them they offered to ship it home for free, so was a huge relief. I grabbed a flight home and within a week it was delivered, great service. For me now to the next stage finding out what went wrong. Removing the engine proved a more difficult than I thought. Being the only one here, I had installed a small electric winch in the ceiling. So I just unbolted the motor, lifted the frame and wheels off.  Pushed the bike stand away then lowered the frame and wheeled it away, too easy. Once all worn parts were out a trip to town to get them all measured against tolerances. the easy one to see was the melted piston. What I didn’t expect was wear in the conrod’s small ends. This is a bigger project than I thought.