Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa Gen 1 2 & 3

TTS Performance are proud to offer our latest generation of supercharger drive system for the Suzuki Hayabusa. This is a left hand kit with a counter-clockwise rotating C30-94 Rotrex supercharger.


Power: Standard 187bhp now increased by 87% to 360 +bhp

 The C30-94 is a highly efficient, centrifugal unit, which delivers strong, linear performance; there is no lag or delay, as with a turbocharger, just a wave of usable power. This translates to incredible acceleration.No internal engine modifications are necessary, however the secondary injectors will require a simple modification and an uprated fuel pump (included) must be fitted. Barrel spacer and stronger headbolts will be required to lower compression ratio.

This ECU will also require remapping using Woolrich software and our supplied Base Map map offers three settings

  •  A: progressive power through the lower gears;
  • B: full power in all the gears;
  • C: limited power.

Peak power will be capped at 300whp, but be in no doubt, this will still make for an incredibly quick bike!. Our aim was to make everything look as factory as possible, which includes the inboard air filter and the custom inter-cooler, which is force-fed by the vents in the fairing and hidden under the petrol tank cover. The only other giveaway that this is not an ordinary GSX1300R is the supercharger oil reservoir, with oil level indicator, which exits a vent in the fairing.For street bikes we recommend raising the gearing and lengthening the rear swing arm to further aid driveability.

Like all of our supercharger packages, each Gen 1 (1999-2007), Gen 2 Hayabusa kit (2008-2020) and Gen 3 (2021 on) will be made to order at the Silverstone UK facility, with a lead time of around eight weeks.For Installation Video click the link:

If you’re looking for the ultimate thrilling, road-legal machine, then this could be it! Check out the Video:

Available for all generations (1999-present). Designed and manufactured in the UK and available here in NZ.
✅ Fits Gens 1, 2 & 3
✅ 300-360whp
✅ 8sec ¼ mile potential
✅ 320+km/hr top speed
✅ Instant power with no lag

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