Triumph Thruxton Supercharged


Our Rotrex supercharger offers outstanding performance with no compromise in drivability. The conversion allows the engine to pull hard from low rpm and accelerate cleanly right through to the red line with instant throttle response.

The incredibly small size of the Rotrex C15-60 supercharger means we can squeeze it into the tightest of places. The supercharger sits neatly within the bikes frame, giving complete clearance of your legs and the ground.


Power: Standard 96bhp now increased by 60% to 148bhp

Max torque: Standard 112 Nm now increased to 157 Nm

This power is delivered in such a sublime way that a novice could ride it without being intimidated. Though this is not to be advised as being aggressive with the throttle and this baby will pick up the front wheel with ease in virtually any gear. Standing 1/4 time achieved at 2023 Burt Munroe was 11.6 sec at 119mph with low comp pistons and Hayabusa injectors installed.


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